Sony's new curved sensor - this is a big deal

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Re: Image stabilisation...

BasiliskPhoto wrote:

Would be perfectly possible, you just rotate the lens and sensor together, rather than moving either the lens or the sensor.

That would be a lot of mass if you are talking about doing this with any sort of interchangeable lens camera or a fixed lens camera with a big sensor.  If the lens protrudes much trying to rotate it from the camera body requires overcoming a pretty big mechanical disadvantage, the camera would really be on the short end of the stick.  You would also have to make sure the user did not try to hold the lens.  If the lens sticks out far enough to hold many of do so, it always seems more stable than just holding the camera body, particularly with telephoto lenses.

But for small sensors that go in camera phones it would probably work.  And the curved sensors make more sense for those sort of applications even without the issue of image stabilization.

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