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nevercat wrote:

Auto mode is what doing that. Remember that the EVF uses more energy then the rear screen. So when you put your camera against your eye, the EVF will start, when looking at the rear screen that will be visible.

The best thing to save energy is tu switch your camera off when not using. Remember that the DSLR has an optical VF that does not use energy, the A6000 uses an Electronic VF that allways uses energy whenin use.

Auto mode dosent do it exactly because when the camera is awake it uses the back screen for live view (unless you look at the EVF) and I dont need that. I want the back screen to be off unless I want to review photos. In other words, the EVF should switch on when I view it and the back screen should work for other uses like using the menu or reviewing photos.

You simply mean a way to turn off the LCD. And keep EVF either On/Off or Auto (eye sensor). Sony already does that on A-mount bodies. In fact, my ten+ year ild Sony F828 has a switch (no auto mode for EVF simce there is no eye sensor). But, of course, if you switch from LCD, the EVF remains on unless you turn off the camera.

Same logic as when you  work with DSLR. You dont shoot from back screen as with p&s and you   review photos on screen. Its simple and natural.

I tried to set the back screen off but I found it very uncomfterble to change manues and review photos with the EVF.

DSLRs don't because they can't. You have to select Live View option to lift the mirror up to use LCD for photography. Otherwise they simply function as a display option on E-mount cameras. You could do the same by choosing appropriate display on the LCD.

But it is the EVF that consumes more power, not LCD. BTW, not sure what you mean by more natural... I find use of LCD vs EVF interchangeable as naturally suited for an occasion.

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