A6000 with SEL 18-200 first tryouts

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Re: A6000 with SEL 18-200 first tryouts

Mecsek wrote:

123Mike wrote:

The magnification up close like this is quite impressive. But the sharpness is not good.

Try stopping down to f/9 to see what happens.

thanks, Mike i allready changement the focus area to center and hoped this would help. Button i willen also try the f/9.

I'm convinced that this can improve by quite a bit.

Try this:

  • ISO on auto
  • center weighted metering
  • flexible spot focusing, set size of the box to small, set at center position
  • dro on auto
  • AF-S focusing mode
  • f/9
  • Then make sure the lighting comes anything but anywhere near in front of you, most preferably with sun light on the subject
  • In camera sharpness setting to zero

Then use the focus and recompose technique. Place what you want to focus on, at the center, under that focus box. Half press, that will make it focus on that spot. Keep in half pressed, now recompose by point the camera how you want to frame things. For macro though, often there isn't any recomposing needed, just leave the subject in the center. Then shoot.

For something that moves, use AF-C, and then use bursting, but snapping away a bunch of shots. A few are bound to come out a bit better than the others.

But end of day though, this lens will not produce high quality macros. It's just the wrong lens for that. But let's prove me wrong, and see how far this can go.

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