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Re: Looks like B&H has MADE A LOT OF PEOPLE HAPPY!

henryp wrote:

jintoku wrote:

Henry, did Sony tell you that you are not allowed to SHIP before the 20th, or that the RELEASE date is the 20th? I wonder because at least with Apple release date means it can be in hands of owners on the 20th, in which case you could ship e.g., 2 day deliveries out on the 18th and they could get in owners hands on the 20th (Friday). It would be much better than us getting it early in the week, when we can't play around with it. Can you do us all a favor and ask Sony if they can make that compromise, especially given that Best Buy has already been shipping for almost a week?

Interesting point and I confess I do not know. I'll ask. FWIW when this topic first came upon my horizon I was told we're shipping 6/20.

UPDATE -- We're shipping 6/19 so customers nearer the east coast & those with overnight shipping at least should have cameras on the 20th. I asked about shipping the 18th and was told if Sony got wind that a camera from us reached the customer on the 19th it would be bad for us -- Red Wedding bad.

is there a way I could get my order upgraded to one day shipping? I would be willing to pay a little more.

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