Feel the excitement: D810

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Re: Feel the excitement: D810

ultimitsu wrote:

rubank wrote:

ultimitsu wrote:

  • sRAW

This is what a lot of people have been asking for.

I wonder why. I really do.

Because for some types of shooting full 36 MP is completely pointless. For example indoor sports where all your shots are ISO 3200+, 36 MP will just give you many MB of noise. 12MP SRAW taking 1/3 the card space and triple buffer space is much more sensible.

  • 4k video is unlikely
  • No Built-in Wi-Fi

These are sort of essential these days.

Nah, WiFi is too slow.

Have you used wifi? I have had a wifi SD card for about 8 month now, and it is great. It allows you to upload images to ipad or cellphone right after shooting session. people can see it at high res display and share it straightaway.

  • Same AF improvements like in the D4s
  • Improved low light capabilities: one stop better ISO performance

I think these are unlikely. Especially the 1 stop better ISO part.

Maybe Nikon solved the amp-glow problem, add technical tuning and you could have 1 stop.

Amp glow fix will just reduce the red cast, D800 is already at something like 55% QE, unless the CMOS architecture is completely redsigned I dont see how you can double high ISO performance - which is what 1 stop improvement is.

The full spectrum QE is nowhere near 55%.

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