HS-30 in a Coal Mine

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HS-30 in a Coal Mine

I have commented that a superzoom is fine unless you are shooting a black cat in a coal mine at night.

WMy wife and I stopped in Scranton and went down into the coal mine there, which is very neat tihng to do and well worth a stop if you are in the area.

I had my HS-30 and took these using available light and raw.  I post processed with and DNG convertor and Photoshop. I used recovery and fill  to get all as much range as possible.

IN the cable car descending into the mine The bright spot near the center is the mine entrance

These are teh 3rd graders who were also in our cable car.

This is the entrance to the mine tour area.  I propped the camera against a wall support.

This is the tour guide who did a very good job answering the children's and

The standing figure is a mannikin.  The two hands are also animated.  They illustrate the training given to miners to raise their hands above their heads in case of a ceiling collapse and move their fingers to attract rescue. The background behind the minor is anthracite (high grade coal)

Re-acsent with direct sunlight from the entrance glinting off rails and wires running into the mine. Two purple rectangles at lower right are ghost images of entrance.

Flat view
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