Whay the samsung NX series are not famous

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Re: Samsung tried it before, So did Fuji

Marty4650 wrote:

KelvinHammond wrote:

Here's how to be instantly famous Samsung: build a FF NX40 with a Canon EF mount, or a Nikon mount, but be sure to have some Samsung primes for it. And while you might say "thats impossible!", take a look at the new Cactus V6 trigger, which has the capability of firing multiple speedlight brands at the same time, and adjusting the power output of all those brands. It's a pretty decent list including the most popular speedlights.

Samsung created something like six DSLR's that were based on Pentax cameras, and used the Pentax K mount. Fuji tried it too, using the Nikon F mount.

The problem with this approach is that lenses are a lot more profitable than camera bodies are. So you end up making a very small profit on your cameras, and helping your competitor make a very large profit on their lenses. It would be like Gillette selling you a razor handle that can only take Schick blades.

Sure, but look at those product combos from a pro standpoint:



Samsung/Pentax ?
How about Samsung/Nikon  or Samsung/Canon ?   By the time they hooked up with Pentax, Pentax's popularity had already waned. Pros had already divided into the Nikon or Canon camps, so they wouldn't even give a second glance at a Samsung/Pentax combo.  That's as far away as a Minolta/Konica combo. Even Sony/Minolta was a bridge too far.  Sony's A900 and A99 turn heads, but not at the rate it takes to become "famous",  and the A7 line is definitely getting some attention, but I think they are pursuing headlines over solid product lines, and headlines only have a short shelf-life.

I frankly think Samsung lacks the confidence to go head to head with the big boys, and it may just be that they value the amateur market more, since it's got more purchasers, who are less demanding.

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