Whay the samsung NX series are not famous

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Re: Whay the samsung NX series are not famous

Nakiphoto wrote:

I think we also need to look at what Fuji has done in a short period of time. Sure they have a long camera heritage but they were pretty much dead in the water before the introduction of the X100. That camera heritage probably helped their profile; but it has shown what can be done in a pretty short period of time; and having an innovative product helped. The only problem is that they still aren't making any money; but I think the principle still holds true.

Imagine what Samsung can do with their huge financial muscle and presence if they truly decide to market their products hard.

A shrinking digital camera market probably isn't helping. Also; the sheer fact that modern cameras are all so darn good now.....

Yeah, but go back 15-20 years... when Fuji introduced the S1 S2 S3 bodies, they were basically Nikons with Nikon mounts, stuffed with Fuji firmware and a Fuji spec'd chip. Those models were an instant success, mostly because the owners of Nikon film cameras already owned the lenses. If those cameras would have had Fuji lens mounts, they would have had drastically reduced sales.
I believe Kodak had done the same thing, using Nikon mounts. Instant success.

I think one of the things that is killing the market is the advent of far too many proprietary mounts... and even though they sell adapters, something always suffers, usually autofocus speed, focal length, or having to go completely manual... none of which is going to take the place of the equipment pros need.

Why such a fuss about pros?

I probably get asked 300 times a year or more what camera I use, and when I'm out working professionally, they always see a Canon, even though I own other brands. And they walk away fairly certain their next big purchase will be a Canon. That's the sheer power of even the most subtle endorsement. When do most people come into contact with a pro? Weddings and portraits, predominately shot by Canon or Nikon. I would venture to say that many more people make that connection just by seeing what I'm using.  Pros choose those brands because they are built with pros in mind.... but it's not ironclad, there are gaps

Large heavy cameras are cumbersome, and sometimes overkill, and that's where mirrorless could fill the void nicely... but not at the price of low IQ, or lack of features. Take the RX10 for instance. That could be a perfect camera, it's outfitted nicely... except... a POS 1" sensor mated to a great lens. What the heck? At bare minimum it should have been an APS-C sensor.... but imagine the sales if it would have had the RX1 sensor? There is a chance I will buy an A7, but only if they do a version of the 18-105 f4 with no crop. As is, the lens selection is a deal breaker.

I will say this about the NX300: the color palette on mine is stunning. It reminds me of Kodachrome 64 and NPS160 rolled into one, and THAT is why I keep it. And that's something not one of my other cameras has.

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