Sony's new curved sensor - this is a big deal

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Re: so... increase body to decrease lens cost - i.e. peeing against the wind, right?

TrojMacReady wrote:

2 mounts for still cameras, A and E. How many does Canon have?

This whole concept is for fixed lens cameras, even according to their own propositions.

APS-C lenses are useless on FF, and FF lenses don't fit well with APS-C in terms of prices, sizes, weights and often focal lengths... The fact is Sony already has 5 proprietary lens systems. Canon has 3, with 2 of them each making several times more sales than all 5 of Sony taken together, allowing them to amortize cost of their development better. Some restraint in developing lens systems would make a lot of sense both for Sony and Sony's customers. For example, just 1 FF (A-mount) and one APS-C (E-mount) (with both simple converter and a speed booster) would cover all technical requirements and advantages of both formats, while providing compatibility where it matters.

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