Bragging about our expensive mirrorless/DSLR vs a point and shoot

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Re: Yes, you were quite Incorrect

DocetLector wrote:

I really don`t understand why you are talking about flashes now, the OP certainly did not use any flash, his first photo is uderexposed all over but properly saved in PP. If someone doesn`t know how to use his camera in backlight situations, a PS will deliver better results with flash mode on.

I'll explain.

The OP wrote "I find the pop up flash useless most of the time." but he did not say that the flash was not used.

The camera chose 1/250th sec. for the shutter speed which happens the be the max. sync speed.

Various people gave him suggestions regarding his use of the flash and he didn't correct them by saying "I didn't use the flash".

The first photo (with the overly dark subjects) says "Flash .... Flash fired. Compulsory flash mode" in its EXIF data.

Do you now understand?

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