Whay the samsung NX series are not famous

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Re: Whay the samsung NX series are not famous

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but to me, one of the most important things is a consistent and comprehensive menu. This is where brands like Samsung & Sony suffer. The options in their menus vary per model, and that's unnacceptable to a pro. Both Nikon & Canon always have very consistent and comprehensive menus, so if you like one model, you will be familiar with the menu and options in all models. We can sort of handle a few external buttons moving around, but we can't handle erratic menus where the features change (absent, or less options) or their location in the menu changes. Bracketing order comes to mind... some Samsung's have it, some don't, the same with Sony's... but all Canon's and Nikon's have it. And, in Samsung & Sony menus, the bracketing order ends up in a different part of the menu from the other bracketing options, which is counterintuitive, and unproductive. Something that little will keep me from buying a product.

I agree in principle with what you are saying, but this is a poor example. My Nikon V1 (along with all the Nikon 1 series) doesn't have bracketing at all, nor do I believe do the entry level Nikon DSLRs.

Samsung menus may not be the best, but they are functional and I've seen few people complain about them. The Nikon 1 menus are frequently criticised for complexity and poor design.

And yet, I see more Nikon 1 cameras than Samsung on the street.....

My intent wasn't to say they had a poorly designed menu, but rather to say that if the menu option limit how I can use a camera, I will use a different camera that has those options.

My NX300 is mechanically capable of doing anything I might ever need, but I only use the camera for one thing, and that's because the firmware doesn't have the features that I most need: bracketing order

I find that silly. One little bit of code means I pick up my Canon instead. It's not an option that would even cost Samsung anything... They've already written that code into other models firmware, but neglected to be consistent about including it in others.

And the point is, that if the pros are picking up Canon or Nikon instead, then Samsung will be classified as amateur, and hence, not famous.  In this regard, Sony's A7's are a partially brilliant move.... They got pros to do a double take, but...  It's the glass, baby, the glass! And that's also where a great idea fails. A FF sensor, but a new FE-mount with few lenses!?!?  Dumb move.  They should have just given it an A-mount, and it would have been the best seller last year.

About the Nikon J/V 1 series....  If I could have mounted my 85 1.8D straight on the body I'd already own one. Same thing goes for the EOS-M.  I don't want to own a gazillion SLOW kit lenses, or even a gazillion lenses at all.  I could do just fine with the usually zoom trinity:  17-40 f4, 24-105 f4, 70-200 f2.8.   Those are all I would ever need.    Luckily, Sony came out with the 18-105 f4, and that makes my NEX7 far more useful to me, although the menu options end up limiting me again.

Here's how to be instantly famous Samsung: build a FF NX40 with a  Canon EF mount, or a Nikon mount, but be sure to have some Samsung primes for it.  And while you might say "thats impossible!", take a look at the new Cactus V6 trigger, which has the capability of firing multiple speedlight brands at the same time, and adjusting the power output of all those brands. It's a pretty decent list including the most popular speedlights.

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