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Re: Point-and-shoot flash sync speed 1/750 sec.

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Establish a level playing field ....

Put the X-E1 in "A" then watch the magic unfold. The chances are if the point and shoot cam is correctly determining the right exposure then the X-E1 will also.

Nope. The X-E1 was limited by its flash sync speed, so the relatively slow shutter speed (1/250th) resulted in f/18 for the aperture to keep the background decently exposed. The built-in flash wasn't powerful enough to overcome the tiny aperture. Cheap P&S cameras that have electronic shutters can use much faster shutter speeds such as 1/2000th, 1/4000th, etc. allowing much wider apertures that more fully utilize what the tiny flashes are able to pump out, meager as it is.

On dSLR cameras . . . to get around this, you can get an external flash with a high-speed sync flash mode.

But for vacations . . . if you want to keep size down, this is one advantage that fixed lens point-and-shoot cameras may have. One of the reasons I like point-and-shoot cameras on vacation.

Here's a goofy shot I did shooting my daughter playing with chalk with the sun directly behind her with a point-and-shoot camera. A tough situation. But I just forced flash on with the point-and-shoot and let the camera work out all the details.

I know . . . It's not a great shot. Just testing out the Fuji XP50 when I first got it. But it shows the high-speed flash sync possibility. There is still some blue in the sky . . .

If you look at the EXIF data . . . the camera is flash syncing at 1/750 sec and not even breaking a sweat. LOL.

Good example. For a test shot, I like it!  As far as I'm aware, most P&S cameras can shoot with even faster shutter speeds if necessary.

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