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Re: excitement about same sensor in same body? Why?

Adrian Van wrote:

Agree, that for someone who did not buy yet a D610 or D800/e, this camera with a few more features would be interested in it: 1 stop better iso, sRAw, lighter body. If one was ready to buy a D800, for a few extra hundred, why not buy a camera with a few more features including better 1 stop better iso makes a difference for pro work or semi-pro enthusiast.

1 stop better ISO is a different algorithm only applicable to jpegs and sRAW is already demosaiced and basically some sort of a TIFF. Not sure these are compelling features for anyone, for me not at all.

Better AF would be great but personally I'm not thrilled with no AA filter as I often shoot fabric or buildings. We'll have to wait how the improved moire software pans out. I'd rather see an AA filter until we reach the 100MP or something so that the necessary blur comes from the lenses.

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