Bragging about our expensive mirrorless/DSLR vs a point and shoot

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Re: Here is the photo.

For portraits, if your camera has center spot metering, I would go with that (I use this outdoors for portraits most of the time, full matrix for scenes only). Sometimes with full scene metering or matrix metering, the foreground is underexposed and the flash if variable power does not fire strong enough (for foreground subjects) as it thinks background has enough light. With center spot metering on people, camera reads the peoples exposure level, the flash may power better for the exposure in auto (if using auto/program) would work better. If using A, S, or manual adjust and take a second photo.

Sorry, do not have this camera, so if I am wrong on these functions, please keep that in mind. The 2 Fujis I have from past is Fuji S2Pro and S5Pro. But principles of flash and metering remain the same.

Also if you are zooming in quite a bit from a distance, the small flash on top may have little effect. Walk in closer for stronger and better fill flash effect, or add stronger external flash.

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