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Re: excitement about same sensor in same body? Why?

As someone that did not buy a D600 or D800/E the camera is of interest

antoineb wrote:

Hi hypercore,

not sure why anyone would be excited about a camera with essentially the same specs as the existing model? At best they will have done as with the D4s, i.e. allowed the camera to go a bit higher on the ISO front, possibly with no improvement on the result. The key components, i.e. sensor, AF engine, viewfinder, body, will be identical.

Expeed 4,more fps, D4S AF vs D4 or D800, lighter body (most likely the new materials) and possible better high iso, built-in GPS.... what's not to like.  A wee bit concerned about the GPS since Nikon might blow that one   As a few have mentioned I would like to see if it has the 1.2 crop and what that gives in fps.

Unless of course your aim is just to generate traffic to that site, "dailycameranews" - because you post the link without even bothering to add a comment.

As always with Nikon, the intermediary model update, whether they add an "s" (as in D4s), or whether they add 10 (as in D810), is only meant to consume some media air time and give an excuse to advertise the old product once more.

I did buy a D610 and have had zero problems.  I bought a D300s because I was shooting birds with the D300 and lots of morning and afternoon soccer.  The D300s became my BIF camera with a 300 2.8vr while the D300 stayed on the 500vr. For soccer I was able to shoot the 70-200vr and 300 2.8 at the same time.  The vid did not excite me but the dual cards is very nice for shooting all day soccer tournaments.  I never have had a problem with the D300s.  Probably my imagination but I've always felt the D300s was slightly better in target acquisition and tracking vs the D300.

I've had zero problems with the Df and hopefully Nikon has really taken QC on the D810 very seriously.  I do not need another camera and will probably wait a bit to see if the soft rumour of a D9300 becomes a fact or if a real D300s replacement ever arrives.

The "s" or "10" models are best skipped.

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