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Re: EPL-1 user thinking of upgrade

baxters wrote:

I found the EPM1 to a big upgrade over the EPL1 for handling. People say, "it has so few controls!", but it has a dial, which makes the SCP practical. I'm not saying the EPM1 is a candidate. It's too old and you get the same picture quality as the EPL1. If you move to the EPM2, you get better DR and higher ISO in the improved sensor, plus the touchscreen makes the SCP even faster to use and also alleviates the lack of a mode dial. Hopefully, some great deals on it will re-appear.

Next up is the EPL5. With the mode dial and tilt screen, this camera is great. No blow-out deals recently, and when it does go on sale, the big draw is a low bundle price for the two kit lenses that you don't really need. I paid $350 last fall for a reconditioned body.

I agree with this analysis completely, though I never had the PM1, just the E-PL1 and now the E-PM2. I think the dial helps enormously; I really hated the push buttons on the E-PL1. However, there is one caveat--the buttons on the E-PM2 are small and I suppose if you had very large hands it could be a problem. Maybe that's why we have already had one guy post that he preferred the E-PL1 --

traveler_101 wrote:

The level of controls on the PM2 is better E-PL1 and for me it works well.

I find the opposite : the controls of my e-pL1 are better.

Different folk, different fingers and eyes.

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