Does Pentax have a problem with its Shake Reduction (SR) System?

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Re: Does Pentax have a problem with its Shake Reduction (SR) System?

Holger Bargen wrote:

Dear all,

some of us have problems to get sharp pictures with his/her Pentax DSLR.

Most people either think of the AF System or of the photographer tohimself to be the problem.

This morining I tried to take a few Pictures of birds sitting in a tree near my house.

I used the SMC A* 300 mm lens plus the 1.7x AF converter.

Long focal lengths are a challenge for any stabilisation mechanism, but most in the industry would agree that this is more true of sensor shift than at least the best lens-based mechanisms.

I tried several settings. And I received sharp as well as blury pictures and could find no dependences between the Ssettings and the results.

Statistical variation is expected. That happens regardless of SR. In fact, you can get a sharp picture without SR at any FL with any shutter speed, you just need to take more pictures before you happen to get a sharp one. That number can get astronomically large, of course.

When looking through the viewfinder the sharpness seemed to be met very godd by the AF System. But the photos often were blury - so I tried to change the exposure times. There was no clear dependency between exposure times and blur as I expected. I mangaed to get sharp pichtures blury Pictures - regardlessly if I take 1/500 or 1/2000 sec. At least at 1/2000 I would have expect to have no motion blur.

That should tell you that SR is working.

I could not find the reason for getting blury images. I do not believe that it is a Problem of the AF System.

So I think of Problems with the SR System. Does anybody observe something similar? There was also no difference between SR Switches On or OFF. We know that with our SR System the sensor is not fixed - so if the System does not work propperly it may cause Problems - and if the fixing of the sensor in SR mode off does not work fine, we also have a Problem with SR switched off.

I used the camera in TAV mode. Aperture was between 8.0 and 11.0.

My camera fell down 2 years ago - so maybe something is broken inside.

I do not have any Problems with a 50 mm lens, my 105 mm Sigma macro or with my 17-70 mm Sigma zoom (second generation).

Everybody blames the Pentax AF System - but maybe the Problem is something different. I would be glad Pentax /RICOH could fix it.

Best regards


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