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Re: We are very selfish people

Klaus dk wrote:

Marty4650 wrote:

  • We are...... 5% of the world's population
  • We have...... 5% of the world's mobile phones
  • We use up..... 8% of the world's fresh water supply
  • We have........ 15% of the world's television sets
  • We consume.... 25% of the world's natural resources
  • We have about... 26% of the automobiles in the world
  • We own around... 33% of the privately owned guns in the world
  • Will fill up at least... 50% of the internet

But before you start looking your nose down at us, the same disparities apply to other western industrialized nations. Perhaps not in the same magnitude, but certainly in the same direction.

Those who live in Nepal, Bhutan, New Guinea, Paraguay, or Angola or similar places have every right to look down their noses at us.

Pray tell me where I looked down my nose at USAmericans? I just wanted to remind you, that the rest of the world is 95%.

I certainly didn't mean you. If you took it that way then I apologize for the way I phrased it. I was thinking about the people who blame America for all the ills of the world, and many of them are Americans themselves.

And BTW, if by "fill up the Internet" you mean number of Internet users, the USA is far behind China with India as a close third.

It would be impossible for 5% of the world to have a majority of the users anywhere. We both know this. I was referring to the number of users on this site. Many years ago, when Dpreview was UK based, they would post statistics on their about us page. Back then, over 50% of the users were from the USA. Today, after being acquired by Amazon and moving to the USA, it should be the same or even higher.

Everybody is entitled to have their own opinion, but not their own facts.

I confess that the last statistic was a guess, but all the others were thoroughly researched. Which one of the others looks wrong to you? I can go back and find the source if you like.

Some of them were derived from other statistics. For example, one source tells me there are over a billion privately held guns in the world. Another one tells me there are 330 million privately held guns in the USA. To me, this means "33%."

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