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I purchased the Sigma 50/1.4 A a few days ago and have to say that Sigma lens evolution steep curve has reached some very distinct form and that goes for the design and the feel of the lens as well. It’s as if you feel the properties of the lens coming through on the outside. I also have the little Sigma 60/2.8 A and it is a very solid work for cca £160 I paid. Optically this one is also an exemplary f2.8 design. I would like to see what you say having the 50/1.4 A in hands. That lens feels like a piece of crystal, and not only because it’s very heavy for its size, it does exactly what you describe in that way how it connects with the picture taking craft. My 14-24, 24-70, 70-200/4 VR Nikkors feel different, have a different Nikon soul.

The latest Zeiss additions of Touit and Otus lines have more organic design embedded into the body. You see it at the first sight

They were given name of birds and the forms really remind of that neat by the evolution moulded shapes you see with the tropical and other birds. the name also interesting: "...we have decided to derive these family names from the Latin names for birds, which we find appropriate because birds generally have excellent eyesight, take in extraordinary perspectives, are flexible and enjoy life. Furthermore, the names sound nice and are generally compatible in many different languages and cultures. The name Touit – like the new ZEISS lenses for mirrorless system cameras – stands for good vision, agility, mobility and versatility. " say Zeiss people.

Back to the design, I am noticing these features are parallel for these lines, Otus




it was a bit of work to find pictures including the hoods.

And yes, no denying the strong connection between the tool and the character having its influence - going back thousands of years.

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