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Point-and-shoot shutter - flash sync speed

photoreddi wrote:

Most of the small compact cameras (such as the one mentioned in the OP) probably have no mechanical shutter and just use the electronic shutter that's built into their sensor. My Fuji F600EXR is one of those and it can use its built-in flash up to its highest shutter speeds.

Some old DSLRs like Nikon's D50 and D70 used both, a focal plane mechanical shutter and their sensor's electronic shutter for faster flash synch, up to 1/500th sec.

Or some compact cameras may actually use their aperture as the shutter.

Someone gave me a dead Sony T1. Sensor went bad, but it was so old it didn't make sense to fix it . . . so I disassembled it to see how it worked . . .

When I got to the aperture, it was just 2 pieces of metal, but with cut-outs so that depending on how you positioned them, you could get different sized apertures. And it would completely close as well, so I assume that that acted as the shutter as well. Sort of like a leaf shutter.

A simple, elegant design. Nice!

The Pentax Q has the shutter built into some of its lenses. So higher flash-sync speed with the built-in flash.

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