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Teila Day wrote:

ultimitsu wrote:

Which is irrelevant to my statement. I said that today's screens are fine enough for me where they stand today on most cameras. I am able to accurately check what I need to check on the LCD virtually 100% of the time, and I don't really have a need for a better screen. I'm not saying that better screens aren't nice, pretty, beautiful, and eye-candy-like when I look at them; it's just not something that I need as opposed to being a nice-to-have.

But I wasnt saying D800's LCD wasnt good enough for you. I explained why it is, while enough for you, not enough for others.

... and you still didn't make a case for it being "essential" as opposed for it being something that people just want. There's a huge difference between the two words. Today's LCD sizes do not impede most people (amateur or professional) from what they want to do in photography.

I never said better LCD was essential, thus I did nto have to make that argument. In any case you need to get your head around the notion that just because lack of something doesnt impede, does not make it non-essential. Most people were perfectly happy with 480 x 320 resolution the iphone 1 had, but Apple upgraded it to 960 x 640 anyway, and then samsung had to upgrade Galaxy S whatever at the time to 720P and then 1080P now Apple has to upgrade iphone 6's screen again. it is exactly the same thing with Camera LCDs.

4K is essential in the sense that almost all high end cameras in their respective classes have 4K now, not having 4K for a late 2014 high end DSLR is exactly like not having video for D700.

That's where you're wrong. Video wasn't nor is it "essential" for the D700, especially during the D700's height in popularity. Video is great to have to many (I use it on my Canon 5d2, and was one reason out of many why I skipped the D3x) but it isn't an essential feature for most (not all) photographers. It wasn't essential 5 years ago, and it isn't essential today.

Well, I am not wrong. video was indeed the feature that made 5D2 significanlt outsold D700. Even though many people who wanted 5D2 werent pro videographers, just like they wanted liveview yet not many actually had to have it. 4K video is in that same place.

Again, you're using the word "essential" in the wrong context. ...

The problem is your misuse of the word "essential" to mean something that it does not mean by definition plain and simple. There is not a "my" definition or "your" definition; there's simply the definition of the word, and the definition of "essential" is something that is vital, imperative, critical, etc.. which clearly was the wrong word to use for what you were trying to say irrespective of what you meant.

No, I wasnt using it wrong. like I had explained to you already, my use of the word essential does not refer to photographer's need, but rather as a product how it compares against competition, both within its class and beyond. If you cannot understand it by now then there is no amount of explanation could help.

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