Which is your currency?

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inflated by..... VAT?

brianj wrote:

steephill wrote:

Very often £=€=$ much to the annoyance of us £'ers.

Very true, the Australian $ is worth .93 US$ today, except when it is used to buy a camera, in Australia our $ is worth much less than every other currencies because the cost of cameras here is inflated.

The the USA we see prices without sales tax applied. In Europe, Australia, Canada and New Zeland the prices quoted usually include VAT or GST taxes.

If you remove the VAT from your prices, it becomes a lot closer to ours.

If we add sales tax to our prices, the price becomes a lot closer to your.

Since the taxes go to the government, and not the manufacturer, it would probably make the most sense to compare prices without any tax applied.

I still realize you pay a little more than we do, and that does defy logic. The cost to ship something from Asia to Australia must be a lot less than shipping the same item to NYC. In fact, there are times we can buy Japanese goods in NYC cheaper than the selling price in Tokyo.

I suspect that particular problem is caused by something else. Japan is well known for having a bizarre multi-layered distribution system with as many as seven intermediaries handling goods before they reach the retail level. Each intermediary must make a profit, so the costs are driven up. The USA has a much simpler system. Manufacturer > Wholesaler > Retailer.

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