My review: Fuji X-T1 vs the Nikon Df

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Re: Meaningful comparison: Fuji X-T1 vs the Nikon Df

sgoldswo wrote:

The Df is a very small and light DSLR. I think it's a bit odd when it is suggested it isn't.


I like the Df a lot and didn't find it unduly large when I shot with one. My size/weight issue came up with the lenses, where the smaller lighter ones didn't offer much advantage over the faster and often better Fuji lenses at a similar size and the really good lenses tended to carry a more significant size/weight penalty.

But I don't think the Df is particularly small or light as DSLR's go. Here's a comparison from that shows the Df against the D610, 6D, and D800. The Df, D610, and 6D are all very close in every dimension except depth, where the small grip on the Df makes a notable difference. But in terms of height and width, they're extremely close and the weight difference is negligible. The D610 is just slightly larger and slightly heavier, but the Df and the 6D are nearly identical except for the depth of the grip. The D800 is notably larger but mostly just in terms of height, which adds a bit of weight as well. The D610 and D800 appear larger when viewed from the top because they extend the penta-prism hump formward over the lens to nearly match the grip, but that doesn't add any real functional size to the camera - it's just an aesthetic choice...

You can check out the comparison from any angle you'd like, here - you can mouse over the cameras to see the various dimensions and weights and you can change the orientation in the upper part of the screen by clicking on the different orientation icons...

I don't think the Df is a particularly large DSLR, but it's clearly not much smaller than it's competition either until you get into the pro bodies with the built in portrait grips which do get pretty huge. But compared to other "lower end" full frame (there's no such thing really - these are all amazing cameras) and particularly compared to APS DSLRs, it's not really small either. It seems extremely comparable to me. And notably larger than the XT1 (or EM5/EM10), which does feel to me more like the classic SLR bodies I shot with in the '70s...

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