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Re: Depends - Auto ISO work-around for 1600

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Actually, on the V2, Auto ISO can be chosen up to 800 and 3200.

On the V1 it's up to 400 and 800 and 3200. It's 1600 that is not selectable on either one.

I mostly shoot in auto 800 mode

This is the most frustrating aspect of the V1 for me, everything else I've gotten used to. For my use ISO 800 isn't high enough so I've been keeping it at ISO 3200 lately. Sometimes it's a bit too high, but not often and I get a decent number of shots in the ISO 1000-2500 range that clean up well enough in Lightroom.

I agree this is a frustrating aspect to the Nikon 1 series. I've successfully used a work-around - Auto 3200 with exposure compensation set to +1, which effectively means the ISO setting is Auto 1600. It works very well in my experience. The only time you need to be careful is if you go into bright sunshine, when the highlights can easily get blown. But when working indoors or in dim conditions outside it works perfectly.

I have to test that!

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One caveat that I didn't mention - I use RAW for all images; in e.g. Lightroom you can then adjust the exposure down by a stop to bring the result equivalent to correct exposure.  If you use jpg, the images will look over-exposed, but of course can also be adjusted - it's just that there is less margin to play with.

For indoor photos I've often found that room lights in the frame, or the reflection of flash from shiny surfaces can fool the camera into under-exposing slightly.  The +1 compensation counters that so you end up with well-exposed images that hardly need adjusting.

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