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Re: Most often subjective

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What exactly is a camera with good skin tone? Is it just a preconceived perception? For example, unedited posted pictures of the the same person from cameras A and B, followed by comments like camera B has better tone. How would one normally get to that conclusion, given you have not seen the person before?

Skin tone prefrences are most often subjective. Especially when talking about the JPEG engine of the different I assume you mean when saying..." unedited posted pictures of the the same person from cameras A and B"

In a blind side by side comparison, most will "prefer" the skin tone that is slightly over-saturated vs the one that is actually the most accurate. You might be surprised how often folks tend towards the example with the red channel slightly blown vs a more accurate exposure. I find that is skin tones are critical...I simply shoot raw and insure all the color channels are not exposed as close to accurate as possible, then work from there. That takes the manufactures "preferences" for color rendition out of the equation.

I was refering to a raw file . So the "camera has good tone" that I've seen so many times here in this forum and elsewhere is not how accurate the camera depicts the tone of the skin but rather what you will like to see as the skin tone??

I shoot landscapes with both C & N brands. A lot of color in such images.

First, let's take the case of using two 5D3s with identical setups, one mounted with a 17-40 and the other mounted with the 16-35 II shooting RAW. 9 out of 10 folks in a blind test will pick the rich, smoother color and contrast of the 16-35 II. The lens has better coatings. Could a Photoshop Guru equalize the two images? Probably, but I like the difference OOC. Point being, the lens has something to do with things.

Secondly, take the case of using a 5D3 and D800E (all NR and tone-bending BS disabled) with the same lens like a Zeiss 28mm ZF which can be mounted on both systems. In fact, you can find such RAW files at the link below in my signature. Download a couple and try the following: in a neutral RAW converter (I use PS CC & ACR), strip all settings to zero, dial in identical WBs, use a common profile, and it might surprise you to find out that both RAWs now look nearly identical save for differences in resolution and DR. Point being here, if you can strip it down, you can build it back up with custom profiles that give the skin tone you want. Takes a little effort.

Jpeg formats might be a different I've heard. It must be depressing to have to rely on the jpeg algorithms in these cameras.

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