somethings just belong together

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Re: somethings just belong together

A lot of people don't see the extra that Zeiss brings to the table, image wise, sadly; so they end up with Sigmas and the like. The cheap Japanese makers typically downplay the essential elements of character and for want of a better word - style. They can be technically good - if often overly complex - but rather dull nonetheless.

And the Zeiss lenses are just made so well, such fine materials, so they dress up all our cameras both ways. This may not be your last Zeiss purchase. I have eight of them, from 21mm to 100-300mm. Most are 15-20 years old and work and feel like new, show me a Tamron or Sigma etc. from that era, like that. Many older Nikon zooms feel and sound like chaff cutters, sloppy mechs, worn finish.

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