Is the N1 the action/wildlife kit for me?

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Re: More technical explanation

jimoyer wrote:

Just out of curiosity............What does ANY of this have to do with the OP's question?

The OP said '...someone suggested the Nikon 1 system to take a look. It seems to hit a lot of the boxes. I know that high iso performance could be a problem and I have to consider that.'

Doug was saying that an Fx camera cropped would provide better dynamic range capability than Nikon 1: "A 24 MP DX DSLR cropped down to the same FOV will give you fewer pixels, but close to two stops more sensitivity and DR. An FX DSLR will give fewer pixels yet, but their advantage vs N1 is more like 3 stops.".   i.e. the implication is the OP would be losing a lot of image quality at high ISO with Nikon 1.

I was pointing out that a significant proportion of the dynamic range advantages of Fx or Cx are to do with the size of the sensor, and when you crop either down to Cx size, the dynamic range advantage due to sensor size is negated.

In other words, the high ISO disadvantage of Nikon 1 is not as great as Doug was implying (2-3 stops).

While Doug hasn't agreed about the impact of cropping a Dx or Fx sensor, the discussion point is pretty much on target in terms of the OPs concerns, isn't it?

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