Automatic Lens Correction in Photivo (or other Open Source RAW processors)

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Re: Automatic Lens Correction in Photivo (or other Open Source RAW processors)

Thanks. RT works again, although it takes like 1/2 minute to open every file (and give very little indication during most of that time). There was a time where it would not open the file at all, it would get stuck in limbo somewhere.

Since I can't remember doing anything to fix that problem (I didn't feel like looking into it at all), I guess it must've had something to do with memory or disk space, of which there is a little more available now.

RT "does it's thing", true. As for Photivo, I think that the lens database "is not connected yet". I read something to that extent somewhere. I guess that function is just not implemented, despite the library being there! The manual also seems to be inaccurate on that point. I'm also getting slightly better colors out of RT, and was not able to import the color profile that use in RT into Photivo because it can only read .icc profiles.

It's a pity that it lacks in these things, because it's otherwise really fast and interesting.

I tried DigiKam on PC, it takes up 1.2 GB (due to all the KDE stuff that it needs to run) and I could hardly make sense of the interface. It is gone now :). UFRaw works well but is somewhat less interesting in its choice of options and color profiles.

I haven't found a Windows port of DarkTable. I don't think running it in a VM is going to be an enjoyable experience, my computer can hardly deal with the "real stuff" :). I'm hoping I can dual boot Linux some time, but I don't have enough disk space for that at the moment.

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