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Re: Oh the age of instant gratification..Can't wait for the paint to dry!!

VirtualMirage wrote:

Rolfens wrote:

Cheers! Robert..

We dont live in the "age of instant gratification". That is crap. We live in the age of "please wait" and "loading" and "downloading". Nothing instant or gratifying about that.

I guess we also live in the age of reviving nearly 7 year old threads.

While the term "instant gratification" is used frequently, "quick gratification" is often implied. Practically everything today can be had or gets replaced much quicker than before. Those that don't believe this never lived during the age before internet and cell phones.

The way I see it, is that in the "previous ages", if you wanted something you'd have to, for example, go walk to a shop to get it. Yet the walk itself (including the anticipation) would be far more enjoyable then sitting in front of a screen and waiting for something to "load" (not really knowing if it ever will and when it will). So "instant" or "quick" gratification doesn't really work for me.

Plus a physical experience is much more gratifying when compared to one that is transposed in the virtual, digital world. For example I can chat with my friend/girlfriend who is thousands of miles away at the moment, but then that is hardly gratifying when compared to a physical encounter.

I remember the time before cell phones and Internet, although I wasn't a fully grown adult back then. I cannot remember one time where I wished for something like a cell phone or an Internet connection.

I just get here through search engines and fail to notice the date of the thread every time. Not that it's such a bad thing, reviving old threads, come to think of it. This discussion is somewhat interesting. I can also understand how it can be undesirable, though.

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