Thinking of getting into FX but have a few reservations

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Thinking of getting into FX but have a few reservations

I never thought I'd say this, but I may get into FX. The economical D600/610 option may sway me. I played with a friend's D700 with 24-70 a couple months ago and man was that sweet. There was something magical about setting it to 2.8 and just taking random shots and them all turning out eye poppingly amazing. It put my V1 images into perspective, in terms of DOF and DR. I try and try to take great shots with that camera but outside, it just doesn't compare to what no effort on a D700 will do. But I have a few issues.

1) Firstly, I know I can get a used D600 with or without the new shutter for a good price. However, in my experience, sending things in for repairs usually results in a screw up somehow. I'm not impressed with Nikon service. For an extra $400 it might just be worth buying a D610 instead, and then I'd also be able to play with the actual unit in hand to ensure there are no focus or other issues before buying. How long does this D600 shutter replacement go for before it isn't warranted?

2) Secondly, I see that it has only a 1/4000 sec max shutter speed. I am scratching my head over this. I rarely shoot that high anyways, but maybe with a hummingbird it might come up as an issue. Does anyone else find this low max shutter speed to be a problem?

3) I read that the 35 f/1.8 DX works on FX with minimal vignetting. Is this true? Can vignetting be easily corrected in PP? I guess that's a software-specific question, I use CNX2. I really like that little lens and for DOF blur it's great. I guess I could put it on DX crop mode and still enjoy the DOF advantages of FX versus DX.

4) I'll still use my D300, D7000, and V1 as well. The thing is, I do lots of wilderness travelling and I know this setup would be heavy but for a kayak it's manageable. I can't change lenses in the field. So I'd pair my D7000 with the Sigma 10-20. The D610 would get the 35 f/1.8 (now that would be some blurry bokeh!), or maybe the 24-85 VR if I elect to shell out an additional $550 which I'd rather not do, although it seems like a good lens. The D300 would probably get the 300 f4 AF-S with 1.4 TC for wildlife. I have a nice buffer with the D300, I love shooting wildlife with that camera, even if the high ISO performance may be lagging behind nowadays. The V1 would get the 70-300 VR for ultimate reach. Funny how the FX 70-300 would go on the V1, but that's just how it goes... but it could also go on the D610 if desired.

But now I hear of a new D810 (too much for me but maybe it will result in sales on the D610?), a D9300 (that one may interest me but the D300 still does its job well), and D7200 (no interest as the D7000 is just fine for its purpose). Will these introductions result in some decent sales do you think? Should I wait for the D810 announcement?

Mostly just pondering my options.

PS the other thing that really perked my interest was that the EN-EL 15 battery would work for all these cameras except the D300! It's a big deal when you need to lug extra batteries and chargers around the boonies, to have all one battery type.

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