Bragging about our expensive mirrorless/DSLR vs a point and shoot

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Re: Automatic tone curve optimization

John Rausch wrote:

My Sony RX1 Has DRO, multi-frame noise reduction and a few other "tricks" that produce fairly incredible results. In many cases it is not a matter of getting the exposure just right, it is doing things in camera that could take a person with a lot of skill and time in Photoshop to replicate, like taking six frames and merging them in situations like the beach shot by OP. I don't usually use the various magic settings, but for some situations they really do the job.

It's not a "low cost" camera!

My main camera is an X-E2 and I have an X-M1 infrared, so not a Sony fanboy, in fact quite the opposite except for two cameras, the RX1 and the RX100 - all three versions.

Yes John. You are correct, there is a lot of Sony processing in the background going on. Like you, I am not a Sony fanboy but I now have two of them to match my most loved Fuji's. I've been using an X100 since Nov 2011 and now and X100s. Also an X-E1 for the time being as it's collecting quite a lot of dust as are most of my lenses...I've always been in love with the X100/s and it's my main camera.

The leaf shutter on the X100s, like those Sony's make a world of difference in certain situations, especially with fill flash in bright sunlight like the OP was in. I know that the X100s would have handled it well with the DR400 set and some fill flash.

I too, have been impressed with the processing (not necessarily the jpg compared to Fuji's) of Sony with RX10 and RX100. The mulit-frame NR works pretty well too. Similar, in a way, to the old Fuji EXR where half the pixel exposed on way and the rest another. Except the Sony does it with the full sensor and with the leaf shutter fires off, essentially, bracketing but merges them in camera seamlessly and it usually doesn't look like a bad HDR either.

The other posters are right about the p&s's. The RX100 line, with the somewhat larger sensor, really gives other cameras a run for their money in good light and blows away other p&s's by a mile....for now. Even the low end p&s's are packed full of technology that really makes it easy to get a decent exposure. My 3 year old has done well with my old LX5. That says something. She just points and clicks.

With ALL that said, the X-E1 can still blow away ANY p&s camera if used correctly. No question.

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