Medium Format Lenses on the A77 (I) and A99

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Re: Medium Format Lenses on the A77 (I) and A99

I have exactly what you've asked about.  I shoot on both an A77 and A99.  I've had the mirex units for years.  I used to shoot on Canon with a EF-M645 Mirex adapter before the A77 was released.

Here is my setup:

A77/A99 body

James Lao 4 lens setting chipped M42 - Minolta A mount Adapter

M42 to M645 Mirex.

The reason for the adapter is that I want to use steadyshot when doing tilt/shift photography.  This requires a chip in the lens to tell the camera the correct focal length.  I do not see an easy way to mount a chip on the Mirex Amount-M645 adapter without doing some grinding/machining.  The extra adapter adds a bit of play, but it serves the purpose well.  I have two of these M42-Minolta A adapters in order to cover all the focal lengths I own:

Adapter 1: 24mm/f4,35mm/f3.5, 45mm/f2.8, 55mm/f2.5*

*The F-number doesn't matter, I just use it so I can tell which focal length I've selected

Adapter 2: 80mm/f1.9,120mm/f4.0,150mm/f2.8,300mm/f5.6**

**I use 300mm/f5.6 setting when I add an M645 2x TC to my 150mm/f2.8 APO lens

M645 Lenses I use:

24mm/f4.0 ULD fisheye - nice and wide, but fisheye distortion isn't always appropriate

35mm/f3.5 N - a bit soft, CA a bit higher than I'd like.

45mm/f2.8 N - a bit soft, but the price is right.  I'd skip it in favor of the 35mm/f3.5 for wide, and 55mm for standard.

55mm/f2.8 N - razor sharp, compact, inexpensive, a must have

80mm/f1.9 N - sharp f2.8 on, a must have.  Using f1.9 along with steady shot allows for working hand held in fairly low light: 1/20th second, ISO6400, f1.9.

120mm/f4.0 macro - great for macro work, not so good at >10ft subject distance due to focus adjustment lossing "resolution" at longer focusing distances.  Try one out and you'll see what I mean.  It is designed for macro, use it as such.

150mm/f2.8 APO - phenomenal lens.  The built in lens hood is a nice touch.  A must have.

150mm/f3.5 N - mediocre.  Stop down to f5.6~8 for reasonable results.  It's cheap, and very light, so can be useful if you're backpacking and want a lightweight setup.

2x M645 TC - not as good as Sony/Minolta's latest 2x TC, but if you're tilted, I've had weird effects with the TC on the mount side of the Mirex.  I've rarely used this, but it's cheap, so may be worth picking up if you plan on using TC with tilt.

M645 macro tubes (set of 3) - lighter to carry around than the 120mm/f4.0 lens.  Different lenses respond better than others to adding tubes.  The 55mm/f2.8 N does alright.

500mm/5.6 Rubinar mirror.  I measured it at closer to 630mm/f6.3.  This is an M645 conversion I found at KEH.  It was cheap.  I don't recommend it.

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