Suggestions for a "step-up" lens from a Nikon 18-105 for a D7100

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Suggestions for a "step-up" lens from a Nikon 18-105 for a D7100

Greetings. I have gotten some great results with my D90 and the 18-105mm Nikon kit lens (my general all around lens) over the years.  I shoot mostly landscapes and general family event photography.  I also have a Nikon 55-300mm and 35mm Nikon prime that I use for specific needs like wildlife and concert photography respectively.

I have not seen the large increase in quality with the 18-105 in going from the D90 to the D7100 that I had hoped for.  Of course there are more megapixels and larger file sizes, but not as big of a difference in 100% image quality I thought I would see.  I do some large landscape enlargements which is why I wanted the MPs.  I know the D7100 has the focus adjustment but with a kit lens, I believe if you start locking it in at one zoom level, you may have issues elsewhere?

So I am wondering if I should be looking at a step up lens for my most-used 18-105 Nikon to another compact zoom that might be better glass and get more out of the 7100.  And yet, I see they bundle the 18-105 with the D7100.  Hmmm, wonder if a kit bundle would provide a "matched" lens with the 7100?

I am less worried about low light for this lens, I just want SHARP images...or as sharp as can be had in a compact zoom.  Again, variable F-stop is fine given my use of that lens, I need the compact size.

I see new ads from Sigma and Tamaron going back and forth on their latest and greatest.  Would their latest/best compact zoom give me a significant increase in quality?  Which would you recommend for the 7100?  Do most have good luck from a back focus standpoint with these lenses on a Nikon?  And I am correct in being hesitant to even worry about using the back focus adjustment for anything but a prime or a higher-dollar lens?

Thanks again for any help or suggestions.



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