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Teila Day
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I am fully aware of the advantages.

Andrew 3 wrote:

Teila Day wrote:

4k vid nice for those who work or dabble in areas where they or their clients would notice a difference... which isn't most people... thereby making 4k vid not really "essential"

Not related to the D800 / D800E successor, but it's interesting how people look at 4K being purely about resolution to the exclusion of anything else.

4K cropped and downsampled to 1080P can be used to provide a stabilized image.

4K downsampled to 1080P can be used for creative zooming.

4k downsampled to 1080P can provide a higher quality end product on existing 1080P displays.

It would seem that many people don't understand what capturing at 4K can bring to the table even when outputting to widely deployed 1080P devices today.

Which is exactly why I wrote what I did. 4K offers many of the same advantages of more "megapixels" when it comes to very high resolution cameras. I get it. I also get it that most people will not take advantage of 4k where it is considered "essential" at this juncture, which was the thrust of my (factual) comment on 4k video; just like most people don't take advantage of 36mp.

Would I purchase 4k? Yes. Is 4k "essential" or even advantageous in a practical context, to most video that people shoot on dslrs? No.

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