Bragging about our expensive mirrorless/DSLR vs a point and shoot

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Re: Bragging about our expensive mirrorless/DSLR vs a point and shoot

mistermejia wrote:

Jit L wrote:

Hi mistermejia, which metering mode did you use? I had similar issues in the past with my X-E1 and I found adjusting the metering mode helps plus the AF box as well.

Multi, i guess what the nikon would call it matrix. I tried all three different metering settings. For that situation spot gave me the best to boost the subject in front, but i would have to sacrifice the beautiful background because it would have blown the highlights as always.

What some people here don't understand is that i DID tried shooting that scene in different ways, in manual, A, S, I tried all dynamic ranges and ISO, and yes, that first photo was shot in full AUTO. Like i said, i CAN expose the subject with the camera, i am not stupid, but i would have to sacrifice the background. That's why i re-shot that portrait in RAW to fix it later, since i did not have my SB600 with me. And the pop up flash of the XE1 i find it very weak for those situations indeed.

It is very funny to me when someone jumps right away to insult you without knowing anything about you or not knowing what else you tried already. The usual comment: "I'm sorry but my advice is for you to learn the camera, you shot it wrong, the camera was in AUTO, you needed a ND filter bla bla bla"...

Personally I think there are situations where P&S works better than the Fuji and I use my Canon S100 or iPhone 5 for those. But when I really want to bring out those colors, sharpness, beautiful bokeh from the old manual lenses I turn to Fuji. Probably not the answer you were looking for, just my personal view. Good luck!

I agree. some point and shoot do some things better. I think that better performance or functions of the point and shoot should also be included in the more expensive bodies as well. Isn't that what we are paying for after all, to take easier and faster good looking photos?

I don't have a problem in shooting raw and fixing later, but i do have lots of family in different parts of the world, and i wanted to post THAT photo in facebook right there at that moment, not three days later

Just a few pieces of information that will hopefully help with future posts.

1.  Don't title your post with something that could be inflammatory.  It just won't go well.  I certainly don't mind, but have seen this by itself set people off on the wrong path.  You are instantly seen as insulting and any hint of inexperience in your post will call out the hounds  Maybe something like "Questions about X-E1 exposures on beach" would be better.  Using the word "Bragging" always starts off with a negative tone in the written word.  Sometimes it is so hard to convey in text.  I am sure if we were talking about this at a camera conference it would all go much much better!

2.  If you don't tell everyone what you tried, we won't know where to start.  You are claiming posters are jumping to conclusions, yet you failed to tell us what you tried.  Please try to be more specific if you can.

If you want that picture posted right then, I would consider a phone.  It is just so easy and you won't loose yourself in the moment and miss it due to camera issues.  I really think a point and shoot would serve you better.

Take the X-E1 out when you are alone and want to do some general street/travel shooting, or maybe some beach sunsets.  You can play around with it on your own and have a ball.  Hope this helps, it must have been a frustrating situation to be in on the beach!

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