Which refillable cartridges for Epson 3880

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Thanks for the information

I agree - I bought (and still use) an HP B9180 in 2008 because it was a clear winner for me at that time.  I would have bought the Z3200 but at $5k+ it was to much for me to justify.  The Z3200 is gone now and the Z3100 shows as discontinued on their website so I'm not sure what the future holds for HP and large format printing.  The other thing I found here in Canada, is that service and support was virtually non-existent.  Others may have had a different experience though - I'm a little ways away from any major centre and I always struggled.

With respect to printing in black and white, it's good to know the Z3100 can restrict printing to the black inks (grey, light grey and photo/matte).  I'd like to push this a bit though and Jon Cone's piezography inks give me access to eight inks (six shades of black plus photo/matte).  Additionally there are five separate inksets, each with their own look (selenium, carbon etc) plus the ability to modify each to your preferences (within certain guidelines).  On top of that, there is a digital negative inkset that I'm looking forward to experimenting with (I'll have remember where I stored my darkroom stuff).

I'm far from an expert but along with Roy Harrington's RIP, the combination appears to provide the tools that I'm looking for.



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