It was a good day for reflections, uptown NYC (another DPR day blog)

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Bob Tullis
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It was a good day for reflections, uptown NYC (another DPR day blog)

I stole that line from Michael Lee (flickr comment). He's right. Yea, the first shot of the day was a reflection (and my fav off the day).  You may have seen it already, but it starts off a reflection on the day (pun intended):

I hoped to make my way much farther north in Manhattan. I wasn't sure, because I wanted to see if I could find anything in between there and here, and if lucky I'd be distracted and engaged with something new. It was too early to go to the destination in mind for a dusk objective.

So from the Gugenhiem museum, above, it was up north, to the Conservancy Gardens.

And just a stroll further north brings us to the Harlem Meer, at the northeast of Central Park at 125th Street.

About this time it was time to head to 181st St on the west side. I was torn between walking across the GWB or staying local. . . I like the NJ side for less people about, but I've done the Jersey side many more times than from the Manhattan side, The view of the bridge from the Manhattan's north shore was the challenge I had in mind at the onset. Because it was a walking day, with tripod in tow for the evening, I didn't pack the full pano right, though I knew that would be the RIGHT choice. Instead I wanted to see what I might do with the Rokinon 7.5mm fisheye instead (glutton for punishment?).

While I took the above with HDR in mind, I still had to let the glow blow. But I again was having difficulties with Hugin, and on a Mac the defishing options are limited (if one doesn't use PS). Sometimes the Canon 15mm lens profile in LR works out well, and here it provided satisfaction.

A vertical FE exposure was more difficult, and I tried PTlens in desperation. It ALMOST got it right, but with some manual lens profile manipulation in LR again satisfaction was attained. NOTE the IQ in the corners of both the above and below (for you FE curious scrutinizers - ps, if the size is not large enough for you, look at my flickr site, they should be listed on top of the stream at this moment in time)

Time to head back now, with a work day ahead in the morning. I caught the wrong train, and decided to walk through the park to the East Side. . . it was SO pleasant and still, when I passed The Lake I couldn't resist breaking out the tripod again. . .

It was 12:30am by this time, and the park was due to close at 1am. But the solitude and atmosphere was so pleasant, I was willing to suffer in the morning for it. Oddly enough, and thankfully, I didn't feel that bad come Monday morning despite only getting 4-5 hours sleep. I won't count on that result again, though [g]

In that next to last shot, I was standing over a low tripod, when a raccoon came along the shore's edge from the right. I stepped back 4' or so, and watch it stop and start to paw at my camera strap as if I was invisible. A shout got it to move on, but it almost toppled the rig as it departed. It's rather incredible how many raccoons populate the north end of The Lake, no less the entire park.

And that's all I have to say about that.

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...Bob, NYC
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