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Passenger sea travel was not really a commercial venture in the first century. If you wanted to travel by sea, basically you were hitching a ride with a merchant vessel, if the boat captain allowed. The majority of these merchant vessels, with the exception of the great corn-haulers bound for Italy, were coasting vessels. That is, these vessels did not ply the open seas, but skipped alongside the coastline, navigating by visual landmarks. They usually sailed only by day for navigation purposes, and put in every night, where they cooked evening meals on shore with firewood gathered locally. If anchorage was not available by nightfall, they put out drag anchors to keep the ship moving only slowly at night, and all passengers slept out on the open deck, regardless weather conditions. Under these general conditions, the trip from Salamis to Paphos still would have taken several days, longer if weather or winds were not cooperative on any given day. Thus, lodging would not have been that predictable along the way, and probably not that good, if traveling by sea.

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