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That's nothing new...

Corkcampbell wrote:

Yeah, the whole issue of which currency is rapidly changing, becoming more fluid. I'm a good example. I am American so I have a US PayPal account, mostly using dollars, but I also earn money from China, so I have a Bank of China bankcard which, of course, contains RMB, but I use the card in Korea (where I'm living) to get Won here and even on trips to get whatever currency is being used where I'm visiting. When I check my balance, it shows the amount in whatever the local currency is. The occasional times that I've bought something locally (but still via eBay and PayPal) I believe Won was used. And, when using a (US) bank or credit card here, the processing machines actually give me a choice of paying in dollars or Won, and display the amount due in each currency, which, I assume, is so I can agree with the conversion rate. Since I never clean out my wallet or money clip, I am carrying RMB, USD, Won from each of the Koreas, and some Taiwan currency, and have a stack of UK pounds somewhere. The only major currency I don't really use is the Euro because I don't shop there and haven't visited in about four years.

You're describing daily life in Europe not that long ago. At least with regard to the amount of different currencies in daily use. I regularly carried CHF, DKR, GBP, DM and FF. Oh, and Lira and Drachme. Now the last four have been replaced by Euro...

Some years ago I saw a funny sign in the tourist office in Juneau, Alaska. Right where all the cruise boats land. The sign said, "Yes, we DO take US dollars!". I asked, "Wow, do you get that many foreign tourists here that don't know the currency?" The answer was "No. Sigh. They are all from the lower, contiguous states...".

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Wait and see...

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