Checking the new beta samples

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Checking the new beta samples

Ii have to say those samples look pretty good. If this is the jpeg engine then it will look even better for raw. The swamp/ rice field shot in particular is a perfect case for Merrill magenta/green blotches and there's virtually none. Same with the building shot.  This looks pretty promising.

High iso performance remains to be seen but we know from the CEO if Sigma not to expect something competitive in this area with other cameras- but a step forward is always welcome. He mentioned one full stop but still working on it, maybe they can get 1.5 stops better.

Will still be interesting to see photos of fine detailed red/ green and yellow fabric to see how they deal with those colors due chroma resolution loss, but personally I would be happy with a solid 4.9mp performance for color.

The tree trunk acuity wise looks a bit bayer esque but the rice field and building look very Foveon detailed. I personally don't mind a tad smoother to not have jaggies all over. Sigma should replace their current official samples immediately. These are way better as far as image quality goes.

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