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DR for low ISO?

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FYI -- The A7s just appeared on DxoMark:


Here's a comparison between the A7s, A7, and A7r. It looks like the A7s actually has lower DR at ISO 50-200 than the A7/r, but then excels past ISO 800 or so.


Sony claimed over 15 stops of dynamic range. Based on Dx0 mark the 17s is actually 13 stops. 1 below the a7r/a7.

Although the sensor scores very high in low light, I wonder if Dx0 mark gives additional points for the sensor being able to access higher isos. This concerns me as those are really unusable to someone who wants max IQ.

The really important range is iso 1600-12800. Looking at the charts the a7r keeps up, maybe falling behind by about 10-20% performance as the iso increases.

It looks like the real advantage of the camera is mostly in that it can focus in low light (my a7 cannot) and that the evf doesnt gain up as much.

My hope is that in real world performance there are more optimizations realized. However no matter what kind of agorithms sony processors brings into play I dont see how a 13 dynamic range sensor can be made to represent 15 stops.
Sony - explain yourself.

Most people say DR matters most at low ISOs where it is highest.  Is this true?  Noise is close to the same for all 3.   If you want more DR at high ISOs about the same noise and a lot less detail, this is the camera?

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