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Re: That trick only works when you are juggling with missing balls

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

Usee wrote:

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

Usee wrote:

mike earussi wrote:

Hopefully these are just OOC jpegs. The sky is very noisy at iso 100, the colors are desaturated and low in contrast and it doesn't like horizontal lines at all. The first three are easily correctable in post but the last one is not. Hopefully the horizontal line problem can be fixed with SPP or firmware upgrades.

Yes, the horizontal line problem, is something I also wondered, why it seems to be more obvious, than at the vertical lines...

...I didn't mention it until now, because I thought, that maybe it is a personal oversensitivity...

Pretty sure it's a JPG issue.

OK, at least you admit, that there is an issue...

How can anyone say it's an issue if you don't know if it's an ARTIFACT?

How can you say that it's pretty sure a JPG issue?

Since it's not apparent everywhere it seems like it's an artifact more than an issue.

...however, they could try to improve that with the 45 degree (sensor pattern) rotation trick, which Fuji used some years ago...

...and that is a serious suggestion!

Which would not do anything for Foveon. The reason that "trick" helps bayer sensors is that vertical lines run into a larger variety of photosites so they don't miss the line as badly. Then diagonal lines have the same issues.

Well, remember that:

1. this is Quattro related... (4:1:1)

Which has nothing whatsoever to do with lines crossing bayer sensors.

...ever thought, that a vertical line would also cross more Quattro pixel (if rotated by 45 degree)?

...ever thought, why the nyquist frequency of a sensor can be surpassed (depending of the orientation of the lines - often seen in resolution targets, like on dpreview)? is because of this effect, you described, but obviously didn't understand.

2. it is better for the perception, to have the problem shifted to diagonal lines.

Great, go post that revelation in a forum dealing with bayer cameras because it has zero to do with any Foveon sensor, including the Quattro. Exactly no lines will change by rotating a Quattro sensor by any amount. Or if you still imagine it will just shoot everything at 45 degrees, "problem" solved.

...try this with a scene like within the architectural shot SDIM0320...

...the resolution will be higher for vertical and horizontal lines, but lower for diagonal lines...

...which are not that apparent in most architectural shots like horizontal and vertical lines, like within handrails.

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