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Re: Questionable logic

mroy wrote:

Richard Franiec wrote:

Lin Evans wrote:


You are precisely correct in my opinion. "Premature" is putting it mildly. And I also agree that there is insufficient data yet to make the grandiose conclusions presented. It's beginning to sound like an agenda rather than simple observations; rathr a sledge hammer approach to introduce FUD into this launch.

I agree that the initial samples posted by Sigma more than likely don't do the justice to their overall efforts to finish the product the best they can. But after all, the posted samples were approved by someone high in the command chain so if they are posting half cooked material, it is their own fault. Remember SD1M initial samples? People formulate opinions based on available data. Majority of them know that the pictures cannot be judged on the merits of JPEG's and they indicated that waiting for the availability of RAW's is reasonable thing to do.

Accusing someone of incoherence is the easiest thing to do if one has his own agenda opposed to the view of others.

The real question is: who screwed up the initial presentation and created this unfortunate debates?

Whoever has 'screwed' up the initial presentation has not 'created this unfortunate debates'.

Rather: certain people have taken the initial three DP2 Quattro samples as justification to create dubious threads with dubious final (!) claims about the not yet (!) released DP2 Quattro.

I would go as far as to say that the quality of the initial samples doesn't really matter - there have and there will always be people who are all too eager to create such dubious threads.

Oh, it would be the debate without the pictures, you are saying?

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