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Kind of a leap there

Usee wrote:

Lin Evans wrote:

Then why not wait until you have an opportunity to download and examine RAW files from the production camera rather than offering wild speculations and disparaging opinions about something which has not yet been released?



The camera is not released yet, but samples, which show room for improvements are...

What in your estimation is an issue?

...could you imagine, that Sigma and it's user base would benefit, if those shortcomings are addressed as soon as possible...

If there are real shortcomings then yes... avoid discussions after release, which could distract people?

Oh right, like we are going to ever "avoid discussions after release".


Now, it is still time to improve SPP...

What now?  The samples are not form SPP.

...remember the SD1 release

Why are we going back in time years to talk about something that has zero relation with what we know today about the Quattro?

...if we could have discussed this earlier, before the release, it would have helped - don't you think?

Possibly but how does that apply here?

...also the banding issues, which plagued the SD1 at that time.

Your definition of "plagued" is rather odd since it occurred in a handful of images, and was not really found until after the release of most of the DP cameras!   WOuldn't something that "plagued" the camera have been noticed much earlier?


Now there seem to be noise issues, which should be addressed as soon as possible...

You are seeing something few other people are.  And I suspect have been laid to rest with ACTUAL sample images instead of engineering test samples since I'm pretty sure you are talking (again) about the bird images.

But you are typing with an awful lot of unwarranted certainty.

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