Sony's new curved sensor - this is a big deal

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How curved?

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I agree with stev023, the opposite should be true, especially regarding old lenses.

Afraid not. Curvature of the sensor will allow simpler lens designs but wreak havoc with legacy lenses designed for a flat field sensor.

I don't know why - legacy lenses are anything but flat. We don't know how much curve is in this new sensor and we don't know how flat lenses really are other than the fact that they aren't flat. Flat is the goal, but flat they are not.

If we refer back to the photoblographer article you linked to earlier we can make an estimate.

One of the touted advantages is that rays from the centre of the lens strike the sensor at close to normal incidence. For a simple lens, that puts the centre of curvature at the rear nodal point of the lens. The radius of curvature of the sensor must be close to 35 mm for the 35 mm f:1.8 lens mentioned.

At the edge of the 24 x 36 mm frame, 18 mm off-axis, the height of the sensor will be 3.9 mm above the centre.

At f:1.8, this gives a circle of confusion 2.2 mm in diameter. You won't get very sharp results with a lens designed for a flat field.


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