A few snaps with Sony FE 70-200mm f4 and a6000

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Over all I like the lens a lot. The weight is great. The reach on the a6000 is really nice.

But... I don't think I will keep it.

I honestly get better results with my Panasonic GH4 and Pany 35-100mm 2.8 (70-200mm equiv)

The GH4 focuses quicker in continuous and nails more shots (although not at 11fps)

I just miss not having the 2.8 with the Sony lens. And on the a6000 noise really starts creeping in way too early when you crank the iso.

But f2.8 on M43 should be roughly equivalent to f4 on APS-C.

The sony lens will be much better suited to a full frame cam. And it just looks silly on my a6000 and kinda defeats the object of a compact camera!

Once you get into tele lengths, the whole compact thing kinda breaks down. Even so, you do not always have to carry and use the long lens.

Anyways, a few pics from yesterday with a6000.


Photos from both cameras are nice, but did you realize that your A6000 shots all had some subject isolation and de-focused backgrounds, while the other shots had a large DOF? I think that is pretty striking. I'm surprised that they don't look more similar, but there it is. (Maybe a test with both of them taking the same subject would help confirm?)

Most people are probably going to prefer the more shallow DOF. If you prefer a larger DOF, that might be an argument for a "slower" lens. Maybe try the 55-210 on the A6000? But seriously, since these two sets of photos were in different situations, it could just be some other factor that is affecting the DOF so much.

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Gary W.

Do not bother. The OP is the same guy that complained about the a6000 tracking AF with the Zeiss 55 F1.8, saying he wasn't happy with it....and the photo he posted of his dog was TACK sharp and looked amazing.

Seems like he spends his time collecting expensive cameras rather than learn how to use them properly.

What's funny is how he mentions the GH4 has less noise, yet every test is the contrary. The a6000's APS-C sensor is ranked #1 out of all mirrorless APS-C cameras Dxo has ever tested and I believe #3 or #4 out of all APS-C cameras.

Incorrect, he doesn't collect them, he uses them for a couple of days, claims they are inferior, and returns the product.

Makes total sense now.

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