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Re: I Sold My PL1 and Replaced it With a PM2

Klarno wrote:

Edmund Dorf wrote:

And I'm sorry I did. I miss the manual control of the PL1. Took a lot of photos that I really like. It was more than capable of doing what I do.

Strange, I find the E-PM2 to offer just as much manual control as the E-PL1 and far easier at that because the PM2 has a dial where the PL1 only has buttons.

I recommend the PM2 as well, assuming that you are on a limited budget and you are happy with the VF-2. If you have more to spend, prefer a built in viewfinder and don't mind the SLR style, I would say get the E-M10.

I got the E-PM2 because it was an incredible bargain and I had the VF-2 already, having used it on my E-PL1 which died. In fact i got to E-PM2--one for me and one for my wife.

The level of controls on the PM2 is better E-PL1 and for me it works well. I shoot aperture priority and having a wheel and the ability shift back and forth between aperture and exposure compensation is all i need, that and direct access to the super control panel. Personally don't need anything else. You shift to movie mode pretty quickly even without a PASM dial.

I am divided about the built in viewfinder. It is a pita to remember to bring it along, but I kind of like being able to take it off and then have a very very small camera. The form factor of the E-PM2 is amazing--small, light and thin. I love it.

Finally the sensor is so much better . . . people talk about high ISO yes, but don't forget much better dynamic range. my gosh all that struggling with "blinkies" on images from the old sensor . . . all gone. Get a new camera; you won't be sorry.

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