Strange Photoshop marquee selection behaviour(?)

Started Jun 17, 2014 | Questions thread
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Re: Strange Photoshop marquee selection behaviour(?)

Sunshine_boy wrote:

What I am trying to do is to draw a thin white line of 5px thickness all around the image 30px INSIDE the edge of the image. Could please someone advise how to do it in CS6?

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1. duplicate image1 and let's name the duplicate as image2

2. resize image2 to be 30pixel less than original

3. on image2 create blank layer

4. select the whole blank layer

5. change selection "border" width to be 5pixel

6. fill the 5pixel border width with white color (or any color you like)

7. copy this filled border layer (ctrl+c)

8. paste it onto image1


On Step 2 it can be 32 pixel or 28 pixel less, whatever you like

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