Is the N1 the action/wildlife kit for me?

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Re: Depends


The N1 cameras have uniquely fast AF, with native CX lenses. They have a sensor size between point-n-shoot and m4/3rds, and high ISO performance is commensurate.

With a CX lens, you have multiple autofocus points, and the system is both easy to use and light to carry. Things change when you put an FT-1 adapter on there and start trying to use long non-CX lenses like the 300F4.

First thing you find is that it's pretty hard to find, let alone track, a moving subject when you are shooting at an effective 810mm. Now add in the fact that you suddenly only have one, broad autofocus point in the center, and it gets a lot more difficult to track a moving subject and keep it centered.

Next you run into shutter speed, which still needs to be high enough to freeze subject matter. That runs you into another (relative) weakness of the CX sensor - high ISO noise. On my V1 and V2, I'm seeing noise when I go above ISO 400 or so, which is a severe restriction on my long lens shutter speeds. ISO 800 is pretty usable, but Nikon firmware doesn't give us an Auto ISO setting that tops out there. Instead, you get it up to 400, or 1600, but not in between.

All in all, you end up with a system that performs easily on a tripod with a static subject, but much more difficult to use than a DSLR when handheld.

Fun camera. Can be a pain to use in the field when things happen quickly.

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Actually, on the V2, Auto ISO can be chosen up to 800 and 3200.

On the V1 it's up to 400 and 800 and 3200.  It's 1600 that is not selectable on either one.

I mostly shoot in auto 800 mode

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