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Re: With respect, is there a reason why you should occupy our thoughts?

Glen Barrington wrote:

Klaus dk wrote:

I have also seen very differing views on privacy, especially when it comes to street photography. I will not promote one view or the other, just make you aware, that your view, whatever it might be, may be quite intolerable to people in a different country with a different history and legislation.

Ugly personalities exist everywhere. You can't control that sort of behavior. I remember sitting in a Fast food restaurant reading a newspaper one morning in Jacksonville Florida a few years ago when the Tour De France was going on. That is a high tourist area that receives people from all over the world.

A young French man approached me and asked about the previous day's results in that race. I politely got the sports section of the newspaper and started looking for it. He became instantly outraged that those results wasn't on the front page of the section.

He began to denigrate the USA, the intelligence of the people, and proclaimed the superiority of the French culture.

After about 30 seconds of this, I raised my hand to him and said, "I don't recall inviting you to disturb my peace" (It might not have been that polite, but that is how I choose to remember it!), I then calmly tore the sports section in half and tossed both pieces in the trash.

The people of France are no more responsible for the actions of that moron than I am of the actions of Americans in foreign lands. And you aren't responsible for German tourists who think of tourism as a competitive sport.

Klaus dk's profile says that he is Danish.

My point is, while I might feel badly when thinking about other people's behavior, I don't see how I can do much about it and I have other things to worry about anyway.

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